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I let Endoca know about the issue. I know an expiration date is not a big deal to most, but I have a cancer and I can't take a chance. Besides, I accidently let them know about their inventory on the one product. I like the multivitamin and will keep ordering it when I can. I also order their cbd suppositories. Ya'll should try them sometime. I trust this country that is so far away.
Marilyn Keller
The gummies are my absolute favorite and I take advantage of their great sales whenever I can. Shipping is always super quick and customer service is always very prompt in answering any questions. Their community Facebook page is full of happy customers who are also happy to share their advice and experience with their favorite products. Customer for life!
Denise Carr
I have had a great response using PLUS CBD GOLD for use of my neuropathy. The burning in my feet was making sleep not possible. Taken 2 hours before bed.and I can.get some sleep. I find my sleep pattern has improved to be longer than the prior pattern of sleep for 30 minutes then up soaking my feet in warm water with Epsom salts for 30 minutes. CBD Plus will be my nightly habit for some rest.
Carol Hughes
After taking CBD based painkillers for 11 years for chronic lower back pain I found this treatment effective and very liberating from side effects, symptoms and general health decline from opiates.
Kathleen Turner
I just wanted to try ur new mints they are 14.99 and had coupon for 10 off and then the shipping came to 9.00 so I decided to pass - th Ed n I received an email asking why I cancelled so I told the person too much for shipping and Jess sent me a code for FREE shipping so I decided to try I haven’t Received them yet but I’m hoping they are really good as I love mints and will reorder more
Joan Willis

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